This tutorial is really easy and quick but it gives you a beautiful result.
Just change the base color with your favorite polish and you will have a wonderful mani!

What you need: a thin brush, a dotting tool (for the bow).
  • Base Coat: KIKO White strong&shiny No.05
  • White: KIKO No.203
  • Black: DEBORAH Shine TECH No.30
  • Silver: basic No. 449
  • Top Coat: KIKO No. 03
How to:
  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply a white polish. Apply a second coat if needed.
  3. With a thin brush and a black polish draw some oblique short lines.
  4. Add a small bow. With a dotting tool make two big black dots and wait a few minutes for them to dry. Before they are completely dry lightly drag them towards the center and then add a smaller dot with some silver polish.
  5. On oll the other nails make the small line only on the contours.

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