Scans | Nail Up! May 2010

In the latest issue of Nail Up! I found a lot of nail art that I liked and wanted to show you!

In the first two pictures Kyoko Fukada wears 60’s / 70’s inspired nails.
In this article they show us nail art inspired by strawberries, kiwis and lemons. Super cute! I want to try some of this on my own nails.
In this pictures there are some nail art inspired by kimonos. I absolutely love this kind of nail art by they are so detailed that it’s almost impossible for me to do it on my nails.
These last pictures show some nail art inspired by popular songs. These are just the two that I liked more but there were a lot more (Mickael Jackson, Louis Armstrong, Beyonce, Sweetbox, JUJU…) so if you are interested check out the whole issue.
Both this nail art are not what I usually like but for some reason they really appealed to me. The first one is extremely detailed (click the pic to see it big) I love the butterfly on her pinky.
I usually don’t like animal prints but this manicure is really nice and fierce. I love the color combination!

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