Kpop Nail Art | After School’s Nana

NANA (real name Im Jin Ah) is a Korean singer member of the group After School and the group sub-unit Orange Caramel with fellow members Reina and Lizzy.
I really like her and after looking at some of her pictures I tried to recreate her nails.

Nana had this nails in the pictures of Orange Caramel first mini album “Magic Girl”.
I didn’t have a nail polish similar to the one in the pictures so I layered a light yellow polish and a nude one.
I’m not too fond of the result but if I find a better base color I might try this again.
This mani come from some Orange Caramel group pictures.
In the pictures below the nails look really red while in real life they are more coral but still very bright.
The pictures above are taken from Orange Caramel’s second music video “A~ing♡”.
Unfortunately the pictures aren’t very clear so I changed the mani a little.
The base is pale pink and light blue like the nails Nana has in the video but I added little red hearts to match her socks.
If you have confidence in your skills you can draw the hearts with red polish and a dotting tool.

4 thoughts on “Kpop Nail Art | After School’s Nana

  1. Kayleigh says:

    I haven't noticed her cute mani in A-ing. It's very lovely what you have made of it. Which polish did you use for pale pink base?

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