Kpop Nail Art | Secret ‘Shy Boy’ Inspired Nails

Secret is a four-member Korean girl group.
Their latest single is “Shy Boy” and in the mv the girls are wearing 50’s inspired clothes.
These are a few nail art inspired by Secret’s Shy Boy music video.
Katrina also made a wonderful Secret inspired nail art.

The first nail art is inspired by the girls clothes.
I tried different designs before this one but they were too complicated.
I think this one reflects well the simple clothes and the cheerful theme of the music video.
(on the ring finger I used a bright pink polish but in the pictures it turned out almost red!)
I applied a white base and then added a “ruffian” mani with four different cremes.
As a finishing touch I added two small dots to make the buttons.
This nail art is inspired by the nails Hyoseong in wearing in the video.
It was hard to capture Hyoseong’s nails so I made what it seems the most similar nail art to me.
I applied a sheer base with gold shimmer and then I used three different gold polish to create a gradient. I really love the result and this is my favorite mani between all of these.
Jieun’s nails are very simple.
She is wearing a very light blue and pink mani.
I didn’t have a perfect dupe for her nail polish colors so I used a bit more brighter ones, but I totally prefer her soft version so I suggest you to use very soft shades if you have them.
I applied the light blue base and then made the stripes with the pink polish.
Sunhwa’s nails are definitely the most easier ones.
She have three different colors on her nail: two shades of pink and a lilac color.
Super easy to replicate!
Zinger have really stylish nails in the music video.
Her nails are half painted with a purple polish that seems to have a foil finish.
I made a really similar nail art previously so I didn’t made another one.

5 thoughts on “Kpop Nail Art | Secret ‘Shy Boy’ Inspired Nails

  1. Lisa says:

    For Sunhwa's nails I used:
    light pink – essence colour&go 05 Sweet As Candy
    bright pink – Odille no.42
    lilac – essence colour&go 27 No More Drama
    Hope it's helpful to you!

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