Kpop Nail Art | f(x) ‘Hot Summer’ Inspired Nails

Finally, a mani inspired by f(x)’s “Hot Summer” music video.

Every nail is inspired by one of the outfits of the girls. For Amber I used her hat in the close-up and for Luna I chose her shirt changing a little the colors.
I have to say that I’m not totally satisfied with this mani. The nails are ok individually but I don’t like them as a whole mani. Maybe I will do a second version, I still don’t know.
Well, I hope you will like it, especially Cheryl!
Step 1: apply your base coat, then apply white polish on your pinky and index. Use green polish for your ring finger, blue on your middle finger and black for your thumb. Let it dry.
White: basic no. 35-
Green: KIKO no 296-
Blue: KIKO no. 295-
Black: Deborah Shine TECH no. 30-
Step 2: On my pinky I sponged some orange and purple glitter.
On my ring finger I used a marker to draw some very thin lines. I tried to follow Sulli’s dress print.
On the middle finger I made some white dots. I made them parallel.
On my index I made an orange french, as you can see I messed it up a bit but that’s ok because we will fix it in the next step.
On the thumb I used a white striper to make a heart.
Orange glitter: KIKO no. 112-
Purple glitter: Deborah Shine TECH no. 60-
White: basic no. 35-
Orange: KIKO no. 280-
White striper: KIKO no. 203-
Step 3: I used the black marker to make a lot of tiny triangles and try to recreate Amber’s hat.
On the ring finger I filled in the squares like a chessboard.
On the index I painted half of the white with black polish.
On my thumb I applied hot pink polish over the white heart.
When it dries apply your top coat and your done!
Black: Deborah Shine TECH no. 30-
Hot Pink: KIKO no. 283-
In the music video I really liked the striped tank so I made a pedi.
(sorry for the crappy picture, but I took it at night with artificial light and by myself because all my family was already sleeping!)

3 thoughts on “Kpop Nail Art | f(x) ‘Hot Summer’ Inspired Nails

  1. Anonimo says:

    thank you so much!! i love love love the mani! great job once again!! hope to see more of other inspired mani from u! 😀 -Cheryl-

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