This mani was so fun to make and it’s absolutely cute! You can also use it for Halloween!
Unfortunately my top coat smudged my index finger! 😦

Step 1: Apply your base coat. Paint two nails with a natural polish, one bright purple, one medium brown and the last one a soft orange.
-Purple: KIKO no. 290-
-Brown: Deborah Shine TECH no. 58-
-Nude: basic-
-Orange: Deborah Pret a Porter no. 04-
Step 2: On the purple nail make a big horizontal line in the middle. On one nude nail make a big triangle at the base, on the orange nail draw the shape of the necktie, use a picture for reference. I used blue acrilic paint but you can use nail polish if you prefer.
On the other nude nail paint half of the nail white and make an oblique shape.
-White: KIKO no. 203-
Step 3: Add some black details. On the purple nail make some irregular black dots. On the brown one add an “X” shape and finish it with small dots at the ends. Add two black lines over the blue triangle. On the orange nail add some irregular black triangles.
-Black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-
Step 4: add details on the remaining nails. A gold dot on the purple nail, a white one on the middle finger and a row of white irregular dots on the index finger.
-Gold: Deborah Pret a Porter no. 04-
-White: KIKO no. 203-
Step 5: to give the nails a cartoon effect draw some black borders with a marker. Wait for it to dry before apply your top coat or it will smudge like it appened on my index finger.

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