Kpop Nail Art | 2NE1 Dara ‘I AM THE BEST’ Inspired Nails

This mani is inspired by the nails Dara has in 2NE1’s music video “I AM THE BEST“.

She has really cute smily nails. On her index finger there’s also a big rhinestone, I didn’t use one since I don’t have it but if you want you can add it.
At the end of the post there are pictures of the other girls nails. They are either too simple or too difficult so I didn’t replicate them.
Step: 1 paint two of your nails with yellow polish and all the other with black nail polish.
-Yellow: KIKO 279-
-Black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-
Step 2: make some big white dots on two of your black nails.
-White: basic-
Step 3: when the yellow polish is PERFECTLY dry use a fine marker to draw two smily faces. You can draw any expression you like.
Step 4: when the white dots are dry cover them with yellow polish.
-Yellow: KIKO 279-
Step 5: when the dots are PERFECTLY dry use a fine marker to draw the faces. You can also contour them to hide any imperfection. Wait for the marker to dry and then apply your top coat.
2NE1’s Nails
CL – silver foil
Minzy – red and gold glitter
Minzy – hot pink and turquoise square patterns
Bom – black and white acrylic nails
Bom – yellow and pink striped french with a lot of decorations
Bom – turquoise nails
She had the same nail polish in her video “DON’T CRY“, probably they shoot them the same days.

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