Kpop Nail Art | Secret ‘Love is MOVE’ Inspired Nails

This mani is inspired by the outfits Secret wear in their latest music video “Love is MOVE“.
I didn’t love the song too much at first but I totally fell in love with the mv and the black&pink outfits.

The pinky is Zinger, the ring finger is Hyoseong, the middle finger is Jieun and the index is Sunhwa.
At the end of the post I also show you the nails the girls are wearing in the mv.
Step 1: apply your base coat.
Apply a black nail polish on your index and and a bright pink glitter nail polish on all your other nails.
-black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-
-pink glitter: KIKO 277-
Step 2 (OPTIONAL): use a black striper to paint an oblique line on your pinky. On your ring finger make a black line right below the tip of your nail, on your middle finger make one in the middle of your nail. This will help you in the next step but if you are confindent in your abilities you can skip it.
Step 3: paint the part below the black lines you made before with black nail polish.
-black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-
Step 4: with a silver striper make some lines on your index.
Step 5: cover the silver lines on your index with small silver sequines.
Apply the sequines on your pinky, ring and middle fingers too and shape them like the decorations on the dresses. Apply your top coat.
Secret’s Nails
Jieun – nude base with clear rhinestones
Zinger – red and nude(?) base with houndstooth pattern and glitter tips
Sunhwa – red and champagne glitter nail polish
Hyoseong – silver and purple glitter
This picture has nothing to do with the post but it was just too cute!!

5 thoughts on “Kpop Nail Art | Secret ‘Love is MOVE’ Inspired Nails

  1. ?E says:

    hey! gosh! i am soooooo going to do this nail design!!! thanks for the inspiration!!

    are you into kpop too? which is your favourite girl and boy group?? mine is shinee and snsd and super junior!! hahah! i like the SM groups basically. :DDDDD

    and i totally LOVE your blog!!! i was watching some kpop videos (secret) and i saw one of your kpop inspired nail design! and you youtube channel and blog will be one of my MUST-GO sites!!!

    thank you so much!!!

    i have a blog too . visit me if you want (:

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for your comment! I'm totally into K-pop and a lot of my manis are k-pop inspired! My favourites are BIG BANG and 2NE1, I prefer YG artists but I love also a lot of other groups, but there are too many of them to write here! I totally love SNSD too, they are talented and gorgeous!!

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