SAILOR MOON Inspired Nails {Sailor Senshi Version}

This nail art is inspired by Sailor Moon. It’s super fun and quite easy.
This is the first of two manis inspired by Sailor Moon. The second will focus on Princess Serenity.

Step1: apply your base coat and a white nail polish.
-white: basic [b]-
Step 2: use acrylic paint in different colors to draw the collars and skirts. Make a “V” shape for the collar, paint short stripes on the tip of your nails for the skirt.
Step 3: with paint in the right colors make a bow under the collar you draw before. The picture below show you the easy steps to make the bow.
Step 4: this step should be done before the ribbons but I forgot.
With white paint make two fine stripes on the collars.
Step 5: with a dotting tool make big dots in the middle of the bows. On your Sailor Moon nail use gold to make a little heart.
Step 6 (OPTIONAL): with skin-toned paint or nail polish paint the small triangle over the collar. This is optional but in my opinion it looks better.
Step 7: with a black fine marker paint stripes on the skirts to add details.
With a white striper or paint make a perpendicular stripe at the beginning of the skirts.
Step 8: with white paint add a small “C” in the middle of the bows. On the Sailor Moon nail add a smaller pink heart above the gold one.
With the black fine marker draw the contours of the bow to give a cartoon effect.
Wait for the marker to dry PERFECTLY before apply your top coat or you will ruin the whole mani like I did! (See my pinky and ring finger? That’s what you get if you have no patience!)

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