Kpop Nail Art | Orange Caramel ‘Shanghai Romance’ Inspired Nails

This mani is inspired by Orange Caramel’s Shanghai Romance.
I absolutely love this mani. I don’t want to take it off!

Step 1: apply your base coat and a dark blue shimmer polish. I used a matte one but you can choose any nail polish since we are going to put top coat over it.
-dark blue: OPI Russian Navy Suede-
Step 2: use a white striper to make two vertical lines on each nail.
-white striper: KIKO 203-
Step 3: use the same striper to make two horizontal lines.
-white striper: KIKO 203-
Step 4: cover the white stripes with red nail polish.
Step 5: use a black striper and add lines over the red lines. I made one in the middle of each stripe and one on the side. I messed up a little on my pinky but it’s not noticeable.
-black striper: essence 09 mysterious black-
Step 6: make three small dots on your nails with gold nail polish.
-gold: KIKO 307-
Step 7: apply a really thin layer of fine glitter polish over the whole nail. I concentrated it more on the red stripes and applied almost nothing on the blue parts.
Apply your top coat and you’re done!
-fine silver glitter: KIKO 228-

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