One Lovely Blog Award

I received this award from Cupcake di My Pretty Nail Polish Box.
The rules:
-share 7 random fact about you;
-tag 10 bloggers and let them know about it;
I’m always glad to receive awards but I find it hard to put together random things about me. It took me a lot of time for the first award and now I really don’t know what to say!
  1. I have two cats, a black one and a white one.
  2. I spend every summer camping on the Garda Lake.
  3. I like cooking biscuits.
  4. I’m a night owl, I prefer sleeping during the day and staying awake at night.
  5. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t paint my nails for a whole week.
  6. I suck at any athletic activity.
  7. I love animation movies, both old ones and new ones. My favourite is “Up!”.
As for the bloggers, all the ones I really like already received the award, so I’m going to skip this!

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