Kpop Nail Art | Fat Cat ‘Is Being Pretty Everything?’ Inspired Nails

After posting pictures of Fatcat’s nails, I was requested to recreate this mani.
Her nails are very detailed and 3D. Since I don’t use gel on my nails I tried to achieve a similar look. I like the result except my middle finger.

Step 1: apply your base coat and paint your nails with five different colors.
-pink: Deborah Pret a Porter 31 Ballerina Tutu-
-coral: essence colour&go 30 You’re The One-
-orange: Deborah Pret a Porter 19 Sombrero Tan-
-lilac: essence colour&go 27 No More Drama-
-light blue: KIKO 159-
Step 2: on your pinky and middle finger add some dripping chocolate.
I used a brown polish and a dotting tool.
-brown: KIKO 224-
Step 3: with some white acrylic paint make some paws on your index finger.
Step 4: on your thumb add some stick-on lace.
Step 5: add a coral glitter on your ring finger.
-coral glitter: Deborah Pret a Porter 13 Love At First Sight-
Step 6: add some rhinestones and sequines on your ring finger.
Step 7: on your index finger add some fimo apples.
On your ring finger paint some sweets. I painted them on a plastic sheet and then added them on the nail. I don’t like the result because the colors don’t stand out.
For the index I also painted an apple like the one in the pictures but it broke when I peeled it of!
If you want you can try and make it yourself!

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