essence nail art special effect! topper

Yesterday I went polish shopping and added three essence toppers to my collection. I’m in love with them so I decided to make some swatches.

I own six polishes:
02 Circus Confetti, 03 Hello Holo, 03 Mystic Mermaid (discontinued)
08 Night In Vegas, 09 Copper’ize Me!, 10 Glorious Aquarius
02 Circus Confetti
Circus Confetti is a clear base polish with multi-colored exagonal and fine glitter. It isn’t too hard to apply and you get a good amount of glitter on the nail with just one coat.
In the pictures I layered Circus Confetti over MAYBELLINE FOREVER STRONG PRO 5, a dark burgundy creme.
I love this combo, in the summer I wear it all the time as a pedi!
03 Hello Holo
Hello Holo is a clear base polish with a LOT of silver holographic glitter.
I like to layer it over a silver foil like essence colour & go 80 Icy Princess.
04 Mystic Mermaid
Mystic Mermaid is a silver shimmer polish with a hint of blue.
It isn’t the most unique polish but I don’t own anything similar so I’m glad I bought it before it was discontinued.
In the pictures I layered it over essence twins 07 Chuck, a dark periwinkle creme.
08 Night In Vegas
Night In Vegas is a polish I wanted for a long time since it’s a dupe of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Gosh… and all the other orange/green flakies.
Yesterday I finally found it and bought it.
In the pictures I layered it over Catrice 04 Drama Queen, a very dark brown/almost black with subtle gold shimmer.
09 Copper’ize me!
Copper’ize me! has super fine orange glitter and slightly bigger multi-colored glitter. The base is clear but the orange glitter is so dense that makes it look pinkish-orange.
I layered it over KIKO 359, a peach creme.
10 Glorious Aquarius
Glorious Aquarius is a clear base polish with turquoise and silver exagonal and fine glitter. In the bottle it looks amazing but on the nails it disappointed me a little. It’s really pretty but I was expecting something more. It’s a bit tricky to apply the glitter evenly on the nails but not too bad.
I layered it over a turquoise creme (it’s more teal in real life), KIKO 342.

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