KIKO Cupcakes Jasmine and Mint

One of the new collections launched by KIKO is the Cupcake Nail Lacquers.
The collection is composed by 10 pastel shades with a textured finish. The fun part is the small multi-colored particles in the polish.
I’m still not sure if I like the look or not. I think I will have to wear it as a full mani to make a final decision.
The polishes can be found in KIKO Stores or online for €4.90.

The first one I’m showing you is 647 Jasmine.
Jasmine is a white textured polish with orange and blue particles.
In the pictures I applied two coats.
It dried quickly and removal wasn’t as bas as I expected.
I also tried it with top coat.
The second polish I show you is 655 Mint.
Mint is a pastel green textured polish with green and orange particles.
I applied two coats in the pictures.
It took a bit longer to dry than Jasmine.
I also tried it with top coat.

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