Kpop Nail Art | Nicole ‘MAMA’ Inspired Nails


This simple nail art is inspired by Nicole’s music video “MAMA“.

IMG_5600 (2)

I used KIKO 372 as my base colour and black acrylic paint for the border.

IMG_5616 (2) IMG_5606 (2)

IMG_5608 (2)


2 thoughts on “Kpop Nail Art | Nicole ‘MAMA’ Inspired Nails

  1. Lucky says:

    Hi, can you make some nail arts more artistic and difficult? There are only easiest manis here. Do you have nails with rhinestones, sequines, stickers but harder? I want to mean some manis which can called “art”.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, I suppose the most difficult manis on my blog are the free hand ones, so you can check those out. If you are interested in rhinestones, sequines and stickers check those categories.
      I don’t have any super complicated, over-the-top manicures because I focus on realizing wearable, easy to do nail arts inspired by Japanese and Korean culture.

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