AOA ‘Heart Attack’ Inspired Nails

A colourful nail art inspired by AOA’s outfits fro ‘Heart Attack‘.


  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply a bright or neon yellow polish on the nails. I used Deborah Milano Pret a Porter 22 Flip Flop Green.
  3. Create stripes and details with a blue polish. I used Deborah Milano 7 Days Long 829.
  4. Add black details. I used acrylic paint but you can also use nail polish.
  5. Apply your top coat.

2 thoughts on “AOA ‘Heart Attack’ Inspired Nails

  1. Nicolle says:

    heeey lisa! it’s me! nicolle! do you remember? it has been a long long time! i’m still in treatment, with therapies and medicines, but the results are going so well! did you want to know, no? so i’m very happy to reply you! i used to buy some hypoalergenic polishes and removers. i took some pictures because i painted my nails with your designs, it came out so amazing. did you see the b1a4’s comeback? i wish you make a mani inspired in mv, mainly in the scenes or their hair, since they are very colorful and attractive. ooh, i’m wearing the eunji’s nail right now~ i’m so happy. thank you very much, lisa!! i hope you’re doing well there, smile!! ♡

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Nicolle! Of course I remember you! I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better and that you are having fun painting your nails! I just came back from my holidays so I haven’t seen the recent MVs but I will surely do it soon and make a B1A4 inspired nail art! Have a lovely day ❤

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