Girls’ Generation Taeyeon ‘I’ Inspired Nails

This nail art is inspired by the nails Taeyeon has in the music video and the promotional pictures for ‘I’.

Her nails are very simple to match the natural concept for the video. She has a deep white french with some foil glitter which is very popular in South Korea right now.


  1. To create the deep french apply some tape on the lower half of the nails. If you feel confident you can also free-hand this step but to achieve an uniform look I suggest using tape.
  2. Paint the tip of your nails with white nail polish. I used RIMMEL 60 Seconds 703 White Hot Love. Remove the tape as soon as you finish applying the polish.
  3. If needed, clean up any mistake with a flat brush and some acetone.
  4. Apply foil glitter over the white tips. I used Catrice 50 Glitterazzi. If you don’t have foil glitter you can also use flakies to achieve a similar look.
  5. When the polish is dry you can apply your top coat.

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