Cute Spiders Nail Art

A cute nail art for Halloween. The spiders are really simple and easy, the braided nails require a bit of patience but I think they are totally worth it.


  1. Apply your base coat and then paint your accent nail with a white polish. Paint all your other nails with a black nail polish.
  2. To create a braided nail art paint an oblique stripe with a green polish. Let the green polish dry.
  3. Paint a purple stripe in the opposite direction. Let it dry and then add a black stripe.
  4. Repeat alternating the colours until the tip of the nails.
  5. To create the spiders I used a black marker but you can also use acrylic paint or nail polish.
  6. I added tiny eyes to the spiders to make them more cute.
  7. When the polish is dry apply your top coat. Be patient and wait or all the colours will smudge together.

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