Infinite ‘BAD’ Inspired Nails

It’s a bit late but I finally did a nail art inspired by the ‘BAD‘ music video. I really like the song and the video and I really wanted to create a mani about it but I kept postponing it.

The main colours used in this nail art are purple, black and gold. I love this combination and, in fact, I really like how this whole mani turned out!


  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. On your pinky create a border with purple polish. I’m using KIKO 496.
  3. Paint your ring finger with black polish. I used Deborah Milano 71 Total Black. Add gold dots to create a pattern. I used KIKO 307.
  4. Apply purple polish on your middle finger then use white acrylic paint to create stripy pattern.
  5. Paint your pointer with black polish. Paint 2/3 of the nail with white polish, add a few dots of black and swirl to create a marble effect.
  6. Add tape in the corners of your thumb and then apply a purple polish. Remove the tape and when the base colour is dry add gold borders with a striper.
  7. When the polish is dry apply a top coat. Be careful especially on your pointer since there’s a lot of polish on that finger and it can smudge easily.

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