Winter Wonderland Nails

A very simple and elegant nail art with a bit of sparkle.

  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply a sheer white polish. I used essence 04 Top of The Ice-Stream from the Snow Jam Limited Edition.
  3. Create a gradient with a white polish. I used RIMMEL 60 Seconds 703 White Hot Love.
  4. If you want add a bit of glitter with essence effect nail polish 12 Bejeweled.
  5. Apply your top coat.

2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Nails

  1. nicolle says:

    hi there lisa, i dont know if you really remember me, but its nicolle here and im so busy with my trips that i wasnt able to visit your blog frequently, but now, i am here!
    i am so so happy you keep the blog always refreshed and cool
    i loved the new menu (?) hahahahaha, i dont know the exact name for the layout page, but i hope you get it
    take care, lisa, wish you a merry christmas, even its late i wonder it has been very nice.
    keep doing great manis, xoxo

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Nicolle,
      Of course I remember you!
      I’m glad you like the new look of the blog, it took a lot of work and it’s still not finished…
      I hope you had a lovely Christmas as well.
      Happy New Year!!

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