Swatches | KIKO Candy Nails


KIKO Cosmetics new limited edition is called Candy Nails. The collection is composed by four types of nail polishes with four colors each, a total of 16 new shades.

The collection includes Frozen Smoothies Nail Lacquers, Candy Sprinkles Nail Lacquer (clear base with tiny pastel glitter), Sugar Sparkles Nail Lacquer (tiny glitter in a shimmer base) and Candy Canes Nail Lacquer (clear base with medium sized pastel glitter).

Candy Sprinkles #21 Cool Lilac has a clear base with lots of tiny pastel lilac glitter. The formula is great and the glitter applies evenly across the nail. The glitters are a very light color so it’s hard to see them on the nails. Personally this is my least favorite polish from the three I tried and I don’t think there is going to be much difference between the other shades.

Here I layered Cool Lilac over essence Thelma.

Sugar Sparkles #33 Water Symphony has a clear base with tiny aqua glitter and a gold shimmer. It’s a very pretty polish when layered. Again the formula is very good and the glitter applies evenly without problems.

In the pictures I used essie Mint Candy Apple as my base color. I applied Water Symphony fully on my ring finger and I tried to create a gradient on the other nails but in the pictures it’s hard to see the difference, IRL the shimmer is very strong and visible.

Candy Canes #40 Creamy Chiffon has a clear base with white, pale pink and pastel green glitter in different shapes and sizes. This glitter was harder to apply evenly so it needs a bit of extra work. In the bottle this polish was my favorite, on the nails the different colors of the glitters get lost and just seem white. I’m curious about the other colors but they remind me a lot of the L’Oreal Confettis Top Coat so I don’t know if I’ll purchase more.

I wanted to create a very soft and feminine look so I paired Creamy Chiffon with L’Oreal Peach Neglige. I used a makeup sponge to apply the glitter on the tips of the nails and fully on my ring finger.

OVERALL I think I bought these polishes mostly for the packaging, they are really cute and fun but I don’t see myself wearing them often. If you like glitter top coat totally go for these because the formula is really good.


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