The Huntsman Winter’s War Inspired Nails

Last week I watched The Huntsman Winter’s War. Even before watching the movie, from the promotional pictures, I knew I was going to create some nail art inspired by the outfits of the movie.


The first nail art I created is inspired by Sara charachter. It wasn’t easy to come up with a design that satisfied me but I really like the final result. I love the color combination and the “braided nails” are absolutely stunning in my opinion!

The colors I used are Catrice Go For Gold!, KIKO Sugar Mat 646, KIKO Quick Dry 857, essence INKHEART.


The second nail art is inspired by Queen Freya. This nail art is probably the most complicated of the three and I had to redo it a couple of times. The ring finger has a 3D effect with some “feathers” applied to recreate Freya’s mask.

The colors I used are Deborah Milano Shine TECH 22, KIKO Quick Dry 857, KIKO Mirror Lacquer 623, essence Bejeweled, essence Silver Surfer.


The last nail art is inspired by Queen Ravenna. Black and gold is one of my favorite color combo so I was very excited to create this nail art. Surprisingly this is my least favorite (still really like it) nail art. It’s more simple than the other two so it’s really easy to recreate.

The colors I used are Deborah Milano Pret a Porter Total Black, Catrice Bronze-Deco, NYX Gilded Glitter, essence black striper.


One thought on “The Huntsman Winter’s War Inspired Nails

  1. Nicolle says:

    hi lisa! it has been long time no see!
    its good to see that you keep working on the blog even the requests and probably the time seems to be shorter as well as we grow up.
    hope all things are happening greatly there
    since i didnt see so many manis about kpop boygroup, i will make one! i want something cool and elegant to match BTS style! or if it is very difficult just to be relationated with boys concept, try to recreate a mani with a brand inspired, like you did with moschino dresses, but with another fashion brand. it would be awesome.
    i am not doing so well here, my health is very poor now, but i wonder i will get better soon just seeing other nails related posts!
    sorry for the bad text, i am typing from cellphone and the connection is so bad right now 😥
    take care, be healthy, smile, work hard and have fun! wish you a good day!

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