The Huntsman Winter’s War Inspired Nails

Last week I watched The Huntsman Winter’s War. Even before watching the movie, from the promotional pictures, I knew I was going to create some nail art inspired by the outfits of the movie.

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Review | Born Pretty Store Stickers

Born Pretty Store kindly asked me to review their nail art stickers.
The stickers are on a transparent sheet which is very handy when you have to check if the stickers are going to fit your nails.
Before applying the stickers make sure your base color is perfectly dry or the stickers are going to come off.

If the polish is dry when you apply the stickers, they are going to last on your nails for a few days even if you wash your hands or your hair!

You can have a 10% off on Born Pretty Store with the coupon LSAW10.

I realized a few nail designs with these stickers, you can see how I realized it in the video at the end of the post.

 For the first nail art I choose these super pretty roses. 

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